What I like most about being an OMS consultant is the joy of getting to visit my clients and experience their practices firsthand. It’s one thing to talk about best practices, like those found in my 9 Domains of OMS Practice Management, but it’s another to see them in action. So I decided when I see a best practice in action, I’m going to share it here so others can learn and maybe even borrow from it at their practice. 

Today’s post falls under the domain of Patient-Centered Care. In Patient-Centered Care, we ensure all OMS staff are putting patient needs first, every day. This can include a wide range of initiatives that improve the  patient experience, including monitoring patient safety and managing quality initiatives.

I encountered this sign in the staff break room at one of my recent client visits (shout out to Dr. Paul Pamula’s practice in Racine, WI!). What I love about this is that it shows the staff have made Patient-Centered Care a priority. It’s something they believe in, part of their culture as a practice and a team. Take this quote: “All patients should be treated like celebrities who we are excited to see.” That means we’re giving our patients our all, and in turn, they become “cheerleaders” for our practice. There may be no better marketing tool than word of mouth. So Patient-Centered Care is not only beneficial to our patients but can also benefit OMS practices because our patients recommend us to others. 

So I hope there’s something on this sign that stands out to you and that you can take to your practice. As you can see, it doesn’t take much to make patients first, but it can mean a lot to your patients and your practice.