Practice Management

Compliance is an ongoing challenge for OMS practices, especially when the rules and regulations seem like they’re always in flux and providers’ claims receive increased inspection. 


Let Us Manage Critical Practice Areas

Practice Compliance

We believe that practice compliance is everyone’s job. That’s why we offer a menu of services that can train your entire office on how to maximize reimbursements and minimize compliance risk:

  • Customized support staff training on the latest regulations and strategies
  • Shadowing and coding education for your providers
  • Audits of your code accuracy, efficiency, and risk
  • Full-scale practice analysis of billing and reimbursement

Human Resources

You need a strong team of employees for your practice to excel, but cultivating that team takes a lot of work. Our team has managed offices for decades, and they know what it takes to recruit, train, evaluate, and motivate high-performing employees. Here are some of the HR services we offer can offer your OMS practice:

  • Recruitment and job posting documents
  • New-hire orientation and training
  • Market rates for salaries and benefits
  • Background checks
  • Labor regulatory forms and displays
  • Job satisfaction surveys
  • Performance appraisal process and documents

Managed Care Negotiation

Want better reimbursements but not sure it’s worth the effort? We negotiate with managed care payors on your behalf, whether your starting a new practice or want to renegotiate your existing rates. By working with our team, your can increase your reimbursements, speed up payments, and reduce your liabilities.

Coding and Reimbursement Strategies

We start with an audit of your existing coding and documentation to find opportunities for improvement. Then we train support staff and providers on coding strategies and practices that will make your OMS practice more profitable and compliant.

Revenue Cycle Management

Want to know where your OMS practice can cut costs and increase revenues? With our revenue cycle management service, our billing specialists analyze your business to find inefficiencies in your practice’s policies and processes. We review your accounts billable and receivable, patient registration processes, IT, scheduling, and staff performance. In the end, we’ll provide a full report that identifies problems and offers proven solutions that will increase efficiency and revenue.

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