Practice Development

Your practice is growing and headed in a positive direction.  We can help develop your strenths and ensure steady, sustainable growth.


We Can Help Develop Your Practice

Credentialing & Provider Enrollment

Establishing your credentials and provider enrollment is a challenging, time-consuming task. Let our credentialing specialists take care of the paperwork, documentation, and correspondence for you so you can focus on treating your patients.

Support Staff & Service Training

Patients not only expect outstanding treatment from you but also want top-notch customer service from your support staff. We train staff on how to communicate with patients in a friendly, professional manner that builds your OMS practice’s reputation and sets it apart from the rest.

Business Coaching

You learned how to diagnose and treat your patients. We wouldn’t dream of telling you how to do oral and maxillofacial surgery. But what we do know is the business of your OMS practice. Let’s find you the right coach who can give you the right advice at the right time. Together, we can grow your practice and save you time, money, and headache.


You know what to do once the patients are in your chair. But our marketing support can bring more patients through the door and maximize your schedule. Let us take your marketing to the next level with proven strategies for:

  • Referral-base development, including study clubs and lectures
  • Website, video, and social media development and management
  • Traditional marketing pieces, such as brochures and banners
  • Training support staff to increase appointments and sales
  • Hiring and training a marketing representative


In today’s increasingly competitive market, your brand needs to be just as modern and cutting-edge as your procedures and equipment. We know the field and we know the market. Our marketing team can help set your OMS practice apart from the rest by developing text, logos, and other brand identity pieces that clearly and persuasively tell the story of your practice.

Practice Start-Up

There are literally thousands of steps and details that go into starting a new practice. Our practice management experts have started new practices time and again. We know the process, and we know the pitfalls. Let’s work together to identify, sequence, and execute the many steps needed to make your start-up efficient and effective.

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