Scott E. Graham, Founder and CEO of OMS Consulting Firm, and Scott Henderson, MBA recently completed a comprehensive practice analysis for Oral Surgery & Implant Specialists (OSIS) in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota. Graham and Henderson conducted a 3-day site visit with the leadership and staff at OSIS and have developed a final report of recommendations to drive practice improvement.

The comprehensive practice analysis is a key service of OMS Consulting Firm. It consists of an in-depth investigation of a practice’s functioning according to the domains outlined by the MGMA. These domains include operations management, financial management, human resource management, risk and compliance management, patient-centered care, and organizational governance. The domains are the subsystems of the practice, much like the body is composed of subsystems. Accordingly, each subsystem contributes to the overall health (or decline) of an oral and maxillofacial surgery practice. Each domain needs to be working well for the practice to excel.

OMS Consulting Firm created a guide to practice management that can measure areas of competency, provide industry standard benchmarks, and facilitate feedback. Graham and Henderson analyzed the domains at OSIS and then developed a comprehensive plan of action steps to help the OSIS leadership optimize the performance of their practice in each domain. After completing the recommendations, Oral Surgery & Implant Specialists will be better able to achieve their goals for high-functioning sustainability and growth.

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